No More, by Paddy Bonner.

This is a first as I am posting a poem written by another writer, Mr Paddy Bonner from Glasgow.

I felt I had to share this in all its raw, honest beauty.



No More

No More Looks in your eye

No Afternoon Films

No Monochrome sigh

No Winter nosed kiss

No Buses to miss

No I’ll keep your seat

No Hugs in the street

No Love you to bits

No Glamour Miss-Fitz

No Learning our lines

No Speaking our minds

No Crow Road to climb

No…..did you see the sign?

No…..not feeling so fine,

No…..What is the time?

No Appointments to keep

No Long days of sleep

No Waiting for news

No Nothings to lose

No Staring at walls

No Day trips and falls

No Needles and pins

No Killing our sins

No Face to make brave

No Farewells to save

No Letters to write

No Battles to fight

No Unknowns to fear

No Cupboards to clear

No Big comfy chair

No More No hair

No Veins to find

No Pain to grind

No Body

No Mind

No More.

All rights reserved. (c) Paddy Bonner. 2015.


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